Branding Identity | Package | Exterior Decal

For the dedicated nerd who loves food, drink, and games – D20 is the perfect place to be where you’ll feel right at home with others who share the same love for games. D20 is a small cafe located conveniently downtown, where we offer local goods in artisan beer drafts, specialty crafted coffee and our own baked goods. We also provide a safe haven for those who wish to gather for tabletop gaming.

A D-20 is a twenty sided gaming die used for a majority of tabletop games (though particularly used in RPG gaming.) Twenty is the highest score a player can achieve, thus where the cafe name D20 comes from.

During the sketching phase I wanted to create a logo that would include a die – I saw potential if I used the vector die for other elements like a pattern, stickers, or a business card shaped like a hexagon. The initial sketches were shaping the die into a coffee cup, but I eventually decided keeping it as a simple die would do much better. Then it was deciding placement for text and typeface; using the chosen typeface gives the business a modern and “galactic” feel.