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Graduating with her Pastry Arts Certificate in 2011, my client worked her sugary talent in the form of elegantly decorated cakes and cookies. This was her first start up business, and she approached me unsure where to begin the process. When creating her brand style the overall look had to reflect her business motto, which she described as young and hip for any age. I continue to do business with my client, as she is looking to expand more with social media marketing and start up a new website. Since Spring 2017 she has renamed her company to Sweetly Wrapped Cakes and Cookies.

The color palette I went with for the emblem were contrasting colors of greens and reds, this way the content would pop. When creating her logo I could not find a suitable typeface to incorporate – nothing was standing out on its own. I had narrowed it down to two choices to work with, and then decided to combine the two into one unique style. I rendered her logo to look like an emblem, with colorful dots on the cake and pipped frosting for the text. For the rest of the theme I kept it colorful, selecting a palette of pastels that resembled sweets. Once the brand style was completed, I implemented it into other services my client needed – a website, business card, print collateral, and photography work.