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Located in the town of Kensington, NH, The Farm at Eastmans Corner is a unique place to visit. Stocked full with local goods from raw milk to freshly made bread, homemade jewelry and goat soap – everything about this place shouts community. The Farm had been growing in a matter of months because of the community support; more energy efficient green houses started popping up on the property and soon a batch of goats, two pigs, and a dozen hens made their permanent stay in the barn.

I was asked to create educational signs for the animal barn and develop professional photographs of their animals. The farm already had a brand in place – all I needed to do was to get creative with the signs and get the goats to smile for the camera. I utilized the assigned color palette in creating sections on the signs, and incorporated the same typeface for the body text; the sign was arranged via grid style to separate information, allowing for readability for an audience of all ages.