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As part of a design program, I had to partake in a problem-solving project. The concept for this project was to find a solution to an everyday worldwide problem and create a product or campaign around it using designs as a tool for change. A family member of mine works for a homeless shelter, so my inspiration came from her perspective on a common problem faced in homeless shelters. I went with the issue of homeless shelters reaching full capacity and a solution to still providing help to the homeless.

The product I made would be given to shelters in the event of reaching capacity to be given to the homeless as a “survival” kit. From initial sketches to the final product a bag was designed for the purpose to be multi verse as storage and shelter. I created the sleeping compartment to the bag, to resemble a “heat protecting” fabric to protect individuals from the elements. The concept sketches were highly praised for its creativity and uniqueness, that it was suggested to incorporate the images as part of the design layout for the website and print collateral. The logo was hand drawn and digitally rendered. Along with the bag I also created a way-finding map of Manchester’s city indicating locations to shelters and public places.