Print | Magazine

For an assignment, I had to create a magazine cover for the New York Times Magazine based on a current article. The topic given: school lunches. The issue still present is whether or not school meals are truly nutritious as they claim to be, and if they meet to required standards under Federal Law.

On some occasions I like to step away from technology and play with handmade concepts, and for this assignment I felt this was the perfect pairing. In the creation of the cover I made a collage of photos from magazine clippings; the young boy is surrounded by unhealthy foods to resemble the concept of our young generation being influenced by poor choices of foods marketed towards them.

I wanted the background to truly stand out, as it was the overall meaning to the article. I selected a sans-serif typeface that wouldn’t be too overpowering, but stylized the title of the article to differentiate between the main title and article tag line.