Print | Direct Mail | Marketing Collateral

In the city of Manchester, NH Patrick Arnold was running for Mayor of Manchester for the election year of 2013. Looking into the future of Manchester in hopes of the city becoming an area full of potential, Arnold was looking for a simplistic approach towards his designs that highlighted his goals if chosen as Mayor.

Arnold already had a brand in place, so it was my goal to work with what he had on hand and create a series of creative direct mail flyers and marketing collateral. Each palm card was designed a specific theme around issues that were present at the time; one example was on the issue of education. The card was designed to resemble that of a school report card, designating the areas where the education system was failing and how Arnold would improve them. He also requested palm cards simple in design and legible for a broad audience – as Manchester is known to be rich in culture and demographic – so they can be easily read by anyone. For marketing collateral I designed a poster which would be displayed on his podium at public events, and a stylized poster for his younger audience who were actively engaged in his campaign.