Print | Direct Mail

I met Theodore Groh and Bill Barry through Patrick Arnold, whom I was helping with for his campaign vision. Theo, a bright young man who was very active in the Manchester community was running for the Ward 3 School District. Bill, a part time officer and a member of the Hillsborough Country Sheriffs Office of two decades was running for Ward 10 Alderman. Groh and Barry had very similar ideas where they wanted to have clean, message driven palm cards focusing on their campaigns. Already with brands in place, my goal was to
create simple design concepts to aide in their efforts of delivering mail collateral to the people of Manchester.

Theo wanted to focus his design on an endorsement quote he received from Senator Lou D’Allesandro. I had the quote be the first thing you see on the front of the palm card, enclosed in a quote box, with an image of Groh and D’Allesandro next to the way – in an effort to associate the image of the Senator with the quote.

Barry wanted to showcase his achievements while working in Law Enforcement, community service he has done in Manchester, and his appreciative supporters. I arranged the back of the card to showcase the facts first, followed by an endorsement quote by former Alderman Bill Cashin. I also had Barry’s pitch quote be situated on the front of the card, being a quick and easy way to understand Barry’s mission.