Caitlyn Nichols is a freelance graphic designer from the seacoast area of New Hampshire. As a designer, her goal in mind is to bring brands and organizations to life through strategic design processes and effective storytelling in order to create powerful and meaningful experiences for the audience.



More than just a logo.


The creative process is always fun, but your inspiration and story matter most. After all, great stories can influence audiences.

Caitlyn dedicates her time talking to clients about their visions and goals, and taking them through the process of creating effective messages, developing strategies and creating strong content targeted towards business goals.



Graphic Design & Print

Creating a Professional Image

Design is seen everywhere – in magazines, on television, on the walls of malls, and on your daily k-cup coffee box. In the studio, Caitlyn utilize a mix of traditional art and digital art processes to develop strong concepts for business identity and print correspondence.


Web and Social Media

Creating an Online Identity

In today's day of age web conquers the digital realm. Design is not only crucial, but web content must be responsive on all digital platforms. Caitlyn develops web content to be user friendly and visually pleasing, whether it is a business website or content for social media.

Happy Customers.

Caitlyn has worked with clients in various industries and talents, all wanting to find effective ways to communicate their brand. Here are a few with great stories to tell.

Houghton Physical Therapy


Patrick Arnold

Manchester Mayoral Campaign 2013

Sweetly Wrapped Cakes and Cookies

Identity and Branding

The Farm at Eastmans Corner

Outdoor Signs

Other Work.

Below are other projects that Caitlyn has played around in.

D20 Cafe, Bar & Games

Identity and Branding

Don't Be a Zombie

Bi-Partisan Election Design


Identity and Branding

Mini Boston

Accordion Fold Print

NHIA French Building

Wayfinding Map

Stern Grove

Type Driven Postcard Design